Evaluating SEO across multiple countries — Sarah Presch // Searchmetrics

Show Notes

  • 01:58
    Understanding the impact of internationalization
    Evaluating your international SEO success is pretty much the same as evaluation success at home. Your main metric to focus on is your ROI and brand reputation.
  • 03:01
    Setting your expectations
    SEO does not happen overnight. Its a process that can take many months but is worth it in the long run.
  • 04:31
    Launching a new site VS Expanding your old site into a new country
    The time it takes to get SEO traction is pretty similar whether youre using a whole new site or just expanding your old one. SEO takes patience and consistency before you will see results.
  • 05:55
    The value of domain authority when moving into new territory
    Your domain authority that you have in your original country will boost your chances in a new place. But International SEO success still wont come overnight because of that.
  • 07:58
    Figuring out how and where to optimize
    How and where to optimize is one aspect that remains the same. Use your analytics data and your keyword research to streamline your new international SEO strategy.


  • "When you go abroad, evaluating success all comes down to the same kind of metrics that youre used to. The main metric you're going to be looking at is ROI." - Sarah Presch, Sr Customer Marketing Manager, Searchmetrics

  • "Domain authority definitely helps, don't get me wrong. Just don't expect to wave your magic wand and instantly transfer your rank." - Sarah Presch, Sr Customer Marketing Manager, Searchmetrics

  • "When you start to go through internationalization, you've got your content up. This is what can help you understand some of the cultural nuances" - Benjamin Shapiro, Host of VOS podcast

  • “The metrics that you get from the search engines from your site performance are the dictator to not only understand did your SEO strategy work” - Benjamin Shapiro, Host of VOS podcast

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