Expanding your SEO strategies to new markets — Sarah Presch // Searchmetrics

Show Notes

  • 01:26
    Understanding the market that youre in
    Every country has its unique culture and way of doing things, even search. So for the most success, get an SEO specialist that is native to your new market or understands the culture there.
  • 02:44
    Expanding into multiple markets at the same time
    When expanding into multiple markets at once, you dont necessarily have to get an expert for each country. Make use of your local SEO expert. Or get an external advisor to guide you.
  • 03:59
    Problems you could run into in a new international market
    Some issues you could face include language barriers and incorrect keywords. You need to think about how your new audience thinks about quality.
  • 06:04
    How to get your content to rank
    You wont always have to overhaul your entire content. Sometimes you only need to modify certain parts to make it work. But always look at search queries in the target country to figure the right keywords.
  • 07:10
    How to approach internationalizing your content
    Keyword research and keyword mapping comes first. This is how you will know how you should be translating your contentor if you need to rewrite it all.
  • 08:12
    The different channels for internationalization
    Identifying your channels boils down to getting to know who your audience is. Find out what social media platforms they use there and place your content there.


  • “If you look at Denmark and Germany, for example, they're right next to each other. PPC is really, really popular in Denmark, Germans don't trust it." - Sarah Presch, Sr Customer Marketing Manager, Searchmetrics

  • "Some countries are going to be value oriented and some of them are going to be quality oriented." - Benjamin Shapiro, Host of VOS podcast

  • "So decisions all come down to keywords, I'm afraid." - Sarah Presch, Sr Customer Marketing Manager, Searchmetrics

  • “Do your keyword research and keyword mapping right at the beginning before you even start looking at translation...” - Sarah Presch, Sr Customer Marketing Manager, Searchmetrics

  • “You have to be where your target audience is. And every country kind of has a set place where they like to hang out.” - Sarah Presch, Sr Customer Marketing Manager, Searchmetrics

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