Optimizing your content for multiple languages SEO — Sarah Presch // Searchmetrics

Show Notes

  • 01:25
    What to consider in your multilingual SEO strategy
    Bear in mind that every market is different. Your strategy for your local market wont always be the same as what you will need to thrive in a foreign market.
  • 02:40
    Why your local SEO strategy might not work in the international market
    The truth is, SEO has a lot to do with your keywords. People use different words to search in different countries. So you want your keywords to match the audiences search queries.
  • 03:33
    The technical setup for your international SEO strategy
    Use an in-country domain or keep your current dot com one. But using a plugin like WPML can reduce your workload a whole lot. This sets up your website for international integration from the start.
  • 05:50
    How marketing agencies help you to internationalize
    Marketing agencies consider SEO strategy, culture, and country specific search queries when translating your website. Your content is not just legible but your website ranks well because your keywords are relevant.
  • 07:37
    Factors that come into play as you expand
    Getting used to a new search engine, link building, off-page SEO, and the technical aspects do play a part in internationalizing your SEO. But it all goes to waste if your keywords are wrong.
  • 09:17
    Figuring out the cost element
    Is your product or service viable in the country that youre trying to expand into? Figuring out your cost is more than just your upfront cost. There will be additional business costs to maintain that new branch of your business.


  • "Everybody searches differently in different countries." - Sarah Presch, Sr Customer Marketing Manager, Searchmetrics

  • "Set your website up for success at the very beginning, otherwise you're going to have all of these cruel errors and issues that you're going to be dealing with later on." - Sarah Presch, Sr Customer Marketing Manager, Searchmetrics

  • "If youre thinking global, stick with the.com and then move out from that." - Sarah Presch, Sr Customer Marketing Manager, Searchmetrics

  • “This is my piece of content in English. Nobody's searching for that. What is the most similar keyword that people in that country are searching for? ” - Sarah Presch, Sr Customer Marketing Manager, Searchmetrics

  • “You're going to have to do keyword research on different platforms. You're going to have to make sure that your website is optimized for the different search engines.” - Sarah Presch, Sr Customer Marketing Manager, Searchmetrics

  • “I think that site internationalization is tricky because not only do you have to think of the upfront costs, there's the ongoing costs.” - BenjaminShapiro, Host of VOS podcast

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